Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So what better way to start off this thing again than with what I'm a complete addict for; music. So to set the tone, I give you Jay Electronica: The Victory Mixtape. With a last name that means 'God' there's no wonder is music is the shit. Living a nomadic lifestyle from New Orleans, Atl, Detroit, && New York, his music reflects the places he's been. I'm nobody's rap fan, but real, gritty, hip-hop is my shit. It reminds me of ol' school stuff... Not the latest form of bullshit. If you're looking for hard lyrical content, dope samples [i.e. Madlib], && an all around good listen, you need this mixtape in your life.

Download here:

2010... && I'm Back

It's been a hot minute... It really has, but I'm back, and ready to talk ab the world. : )
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