Monday, September 24, 2012

def been ab 6mos... 
does it really have to be cuffing season already?
It doesn't even get cold enough in Miami to cuff...
that's my excuse to lose my morals and 
live with the reckless abandon
of a single, 20-something.

Gosh I love reworks...
more to come.

Sunday, September 23, 2012's just me and him.
militant and rebellious.

It's probably because I only weigh 105lbs,
but I truly believe that my life would
be so much easier if I had 
an ass like that.

I see you judging... and learning the routine.
I promise not to tell. 
the time has come for us to pull out the lawnchairs,
Mason jars of corn liquor, JFK photos,
and confederate flags so we can properly discuss politics.

Before I get too deep, wouldn't this just be easier if 
the presidency was decided based on standard 
measures of strength and intelligence, like 
an IQ test and subsequent mud-wrestling match?
...maybe it's just me.

Anywho, MY opinion on this years elections are as follows:
if you make $200,000+ (Romney's "middle class"),
are a man, can comfortably afford all 3 of your children's
college tuition, and have no moral conscience
for the well-being of your fellow countrymen,
vote for Romney.
In that respect, he's awesome.
He has absolutely NO IDEA how to get us out of the shit hole 
that we're in, but he CAN tell you that he IS a better
candidate than SeƱor Obama.
Why?  Not even his wife knows,
but give him time, and maybe we'll find out.
And, since we're on that subject, when the hell did slander
become a platform?
Oh, I forgot... that's just good ol' boy politics.

If you don't meet the above requirements,
there is no logical reason for you to vote Romney.
Unless, of course, your whole ass backwards family
votes for him and you'd be considered the monkey-loving outcast
if you didn't.... (yeh I went there)
Perception is reality and post-racial shit is bogus.  

My next point, the one thing Obama has that Romney doesn't?
Romney will never set loins ablaze... Obama does.
He may not have all the answers, but he'll give you a 
sweet smile until he does.
Romney's businessman persona is abrasive at best,
and I don't care how many stories his wife gives about him
being a humble and honest man, or
their first date being to a segregated diner,
Can't get around that.
Bush was dumb as a barrel of gunpowder, but he got 
the people going!
He connected to every shotgun wielding, pot-bellied
man with a stout wife and snotty-nosed kids.
That, my friends, is charm.
Deep-fried, trans-fat saturated, charm, and Romney ain't got it.

OH, AND... black churches should be ashamed of themselves
for telling their congregations not to vote.
How stupid do you look?
You've been the pillar of the black community and black politics
since universal (and by universal I mean minority) voting rights
were enforced.  You really wanna
tell your great-great-grands that you risked getting killed
for the right to vote only to not take advantage of it?
Black people... we really have to learn to let live and let have.
No sin is greater than the next.
Know your role.  Don't be a bad example.

So... whose back you got?
All rebuttals welcome.

"The wish is the father to the thought." 
so yall know I get on my music kick of

this is one of those times.
Right now, I'm thinking vintage 80s/Miami Vice

taco meat and summer breezes
palm trees and white lines on mirrors.

*Midnight Cassettes (mixtape)

next trip,
starships LSD and drowning angels
*the townhouses

you know where to go by now right?  ...good.
New haircolor
new apartment
new scenery
new mindset

....go with me.
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