Saturday, March 27, 2010

Colors... Once Again.

...Now, some people say it's the caucasian in me [not literally] but i'm SO tired of the interracial dating issue. Recently, Jill Scott wrote a column in Essence magazine talkin' ab her inner "wincing" her soul experienced when a new friend of her's that is a successful basketball player told her that his spouse was indeed caucasian. While most people can either identify with this story to some extent, myself included, I don't see what the big fucking deal is! There has been an obvious pattern of successful minority men that get successful, && for some reason or another decide to date whited women. Most black women see this as "Oh, I think I'm better than date black women now," but, what if they already had the desire to date outside of their race but felt that they weren't good enough, or that it wouldn't be received well unless they had some kind of clout? What if? Whatever the situation or mental predicament of the male, black women need to stop being bitter ab the "race" issue. We have fought too long and too hard as double minorities to be treated and accepted as equals to hold a grudge. We are taught as young girls that we should go to school, get a job, meet a nice black man and raise a family... Why aren't we taught not to make the mistakes of our predecessors? Are we any better than the "white man" if we let simple situations such as seeing a black man with a white woman make us feel inferior...? No. There is a problem within us that we seem to hold white women to a higher esteem than ourselves, so it "discourages" us... I'm tired of hearing the argument "He's with her because she got money..." "He's with her because she let's him do whatever..." "He's with her because she's submissive..." etc. etc... Maybe he's with her because she has a nice person && he wants to surround himself with someone with a positive attitude? What ab that? We never wanna look at that side of the spectrum because it would prove us wrong. We are led to believe that different races are raised && bred differently, but the same discrepancies we so readily recognize in other races are also present within our own. Once again, it is our OWN insecurities that continue to hold us down. This is the main problem with "our" females... If we stop worrying ab everybody else, && concentrate on our business, MAYBE that would help our current situation of being the most-likely to be single... SMH. Get over yourselves && your "slave mentality" that the white man, or in this case the "white woman" is holding us down... NO. You are holding your own selves down. If you're gonna be a bird, rise above the ashes, don't get comfortable && settle in them.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jimmy's New Fuckery.

Like most females, I love shoes. They make me smile, they make me happy... But when pure fuckery like this appears ANYWHERE, it almost makes me wanna live my life barefoot. This new Jimmy Choo creation has a light bulb inside the heel of the shoe that is battery powered to "light-up" every time you take a step... One question Jimmy, WHY?! It looks like some nigga-rigged Citi Trends shit... Smh. For years people have looked to Mr. Choo for his classic && upscale designs && this in no way, shape, form or fashion shows what he is capable of. It looks like he was bored, && said... "Lemme see if I can get away with selling these shoes to mindless women that are willing to throw their money away..." In my opinion he succeeded. Looking like a damn fool is CLEARLY where it's at these days, so if you're dying to wear these L.A. Gear inspired shoes... Go ahead. OH and it is a recession, so instead of buying batteries for 'em, just take the ones out of your silver bullet :/ Egh.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Senorita Rodriguez

I stumbled on Ms. Rodriguez while I was on one of my favorite celebrity gossip sites [] in one picture [Who Ran It] Rihanna and Amber Rose wore of her skirts... A leather ruffle skirt that I fell absolutely in LOVE with, so I HAD to look her up. Her Spring 2010 collection is a mix of femininity with a rocker edge... && if I had the money, I would def cop. I really would. She started off as co-founder of a vintage store, then in 2003, her and her partner began a lookbook to start their own collection. Her line has been featured in most major fashion magazines including but not limited to: Vogue, French Vogue, && Harper's Bazaar... She is known for the way she puts together polar opposites along with the finest materials to create fashionable oxymorons. I likes :)

Tele-tele-telephone ❤

...So ab this "epic" video. Personally, [before all you Gaga && Beyonce clit-suckers pounce] I think both of them are GREAT performers. I respect both of their crafts, because even though both of them can sing and dance yada yada yada, they are NOT a match. Beyonce's voice in strong and full with that R&B/pop sound we have all come to love [or despise]... and Lady Gaga also haqs a great voice that is more techno/electric/pop -ish. So why in the hell they decided to do music together is BEYOND me. Both songs sound non-cohesive, like it should be one singer or the other... and it should. The video, starting with "Videophone," looks like they are competing with each other from the beginning. Gaga sounds terrible trying to make her pop sound translate into a R&B radio sound... FAIL. What's even worse... the inevitable dance sequence. Beyonce is CLEARLY more curvy than Gaga and makes her look anorexic, then the dance is one of sexy and sultry components, which in no way suits Lady Gaga. In my opinion it looks like Old school Cindy Lauper vs. Janet Jackson (circa "That's the Way Love Goes" not "Rhythm Nation Janet) lol... The whole thing is awkward. And NOW to the entree, this video. WOMP! First off, it takes too damn long to start, && when it does, it takes anoth 3mins to grasp the concept... FAIL. Then, as with it's predecessor, they make the same mistakes. Two ENTIRELY different styles clashing to make one utterly BAD video. I will say, in both videos they had GREAT [not epic] styling, scenery, all that technical jazz, but frmo a performance and muscial standpoint, they blow. Why waste the air time? In my opinion, downloads && concerts are the real cash-cow, so why in the hell are record companies still wasting money on videos? Who are they playing them for, the up and coming tweens? ...The fuck outta here. The video age is almost dead, && this shit makes me wanna get my guillotine && make it go a little faster... Slow musical deaths hurt everybody && are especially detrimental to the eyes and ears of the audience.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...I'm in Love With Her.

Call me slightly lesbian, but uhhhhhhh I'm in love with her. Her name is Muhsinah [stage]. The Rundown, D.C. native, with the funk, vibe, && soul of a globe trotter. Singer, songwriter, producer, this one does it all... The first time I heard her was around late 2008, early 2009... && the song that struck me was "Discovery" from the album Daybreak 2.0. From then on, I'm ashamed to say, I forgot ab her once I realized it's hard as HELL to download her stuff for free... My mistake. Then last year, her name resurfaced to me around October. I downloaded a shitload of her music collabs, all that, && I was thoroughly impressed. Her deep, controlled vocals, soft, soulful, melodic tone, matched with spacey beats intrigues the hell out of me. Kinda see a little bit of myself, if I was a little more confident but uhhhhhhh yeh. She's fab. She deserves her nickname "the golden girl." Surely a precious metal amidst la basura that graces the airwaves these days... So if you have time on your hands look her up.

Monday, March 8, 2010

La melodia de la vida

As always... I've been on the music tip. I've downloaded the likes of everything, so here's a list of artists and their EPs, mixtapes, randoms... pick what you like && enjoy.

Hip Hop

Film Skool Rejekts -Blood Circus (mixtape)
Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) -Laura's Tape (mixtape)
2 Hungry Bros -"Lady remix" "Sand'Luc Picard"
Gorillaz -"Superfast Jellyfish"
Kidz in the Hall -"Out to Lunch" "Traffic"
The Knux -"Cappuccino"
Mr Hudson -"Cover Girl" "Picture of You" "Everything is Broken"
Pacific Division -Download everything you can... they rock :)
Shawn Christopher -"Like A Kid Again"
Soulcrate Music -"Old vs. Dumb
TANYA MORGAN - everything you can, EVEN the samples they used. Shows how dope they really are!
Unlikely Heroes -"G'hot Dam" "Road Trip"
Johnny Polygon -"No Applause" (mixtape)

R&B type ish

Muhsinah -Download her. She's hands down my favorite songstress right now!
Marsha Ambrosius -"Yours Sincerely" -Mixtape
Kissey Asplund -Download anything you can find, she's from across the waters, so it'll be hard, but it's worth it!
Dionne Bromfield 14 year old protege of Amy Winehouse, and she has the seeds to be friggin' awesome. Download "Foolish Little Girls.
Stacy Epps -Another artist, thats HELLA hard to find, but if you do, it's worth it. Emcee and songbird from the across the waters, I dig it.
Brittany Bosco -Youtube her
Tawaiah -English songstress with one helluva set of pipes

Dance/Techno/Whatever lol

The Black Kids
Vampire Weekend
The Kooks
Blue Six

*It's gonna take some serious PI type shit to find most of this stuff, but for the most part, it's def worth it.

Thinking Abroad

I've known from a young age that I didn't wanna limit myself to being at one place for an extended period of time without seeing what the world has to offer. Ergo, perfect opportunity, study abroad. If everything falls into place, I'll be spending June 13th-July 16th there. Spending my birthday in the tropics sounds fantabulous if I do say so myself. Aside from that, I'll be taking extensive language classes, culture and society courses, and take a few excursions. And that's just the educational part.... Oh the fun :)


She's Back... && in heat ;)

So, this year seemed like a fucking dud when it first started, but I'm slowly starting to put everything together, && hopefully everything falls into place as planned. To sum it up, school's school, people are acting like people, && still I thrive. I'm giving up on negative thoughts and actions, && moving on with my life. There's nothing worst than dwelling on the past, especially if it has a negative connotation. Right this moment, I'm all ab preparation, you can't make rational decisions for the future unless you prepare for it.... [end of rant] WHEW. That is all for the personals...
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