Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ride the Train? I will not.

I'ma rider but uhhhh... I'm not too fond of bandwagons for the most part. So, while the rest of urban America is downloading the new Wiz Khalifa mixtape [Kush && Orange Juice]... I'm trying to get that new MGMT. I love them. They make me happy :) I'm kinda tired of hearing about the same sex/drugs/music/music industry/bitches/women/hoes... I think I'ma lay off for awhile. I need positivity && maybe even a little bit of goofiness. Facilitated nonsense does more for me than overdone platforms of struggle && bullshit. I'm not raggin' on Mr. Wiz.. He's cool, && I'll probably download it AFTER THE HYPE, but for now, I think I'm gonna go for something a little lighter, a little smoother... I don't need hard liquor right now, I'm not looking for a cover up. I need a nice mojito so I can just cruise on...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Polar Opposites.

Maybe I'm late, but Christina Aguilera && Lady Gaga are beefing? What the fuck for? From what I gather, there's an element of "swagger-jacking," but in essence, isn't everyone guilty of this? Sigh... Anyways. Back to basics [no pun intended]. Christina Aguilera is known as the once teeny-bopper with the big voice who suddenly turn a tad more slutty, edgy, and then became a 50s pin-up... Lady Gaga on the other hand, began as a slightly less uhhhhhh risque/avante garde ghost-writer && as her fame grew and she came into the spotlight and into her own, she became progressively... weirder. Even though these two both went through their own respective "transformations" if you wanna call it that, how in the blue hell do they correlate? What, are they jealous of each other because they're both rocking the platinum hair && red lipstick? The fuck? Find something else to do with your lives. Christina is known && always will be known for her amazing voice and strange ability to transition out of becoming a poppy teenaged whore && into a classy woman. Lady Gaga is known && always will be known for her style... whatever people make of it. that is her niche, and that is where she should stay. I am of fan of both as artists and their respective positions in music, but to fight over whose biting who is ridiculous... Who cares? Pop beef is never going to be significant, so let's leave it in the past, && make more music for the less-musically inclined masses.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...Another Shoe.

It's horribly selfish && slightly mean, but I'm gonna say it anyway... Damn Alexander McQueen for dying! I mean shit, he took away one of the greatest, innovative, futuristic, && passionate couture designers to ever walk this planet. How dare he deprive the world from his creations? As SOON as I got my money up, I def would've been a frequent customer... Everybody needs a little avante-garde in their shoe repertoire && I think he took that away from me :( Ahhhhhh but off the soap box... These. I don't even know what to say other than to let out a moan similar to one you should only hear when _____ uhhhh yeh. I love them. Who think's of this? Mechanical heel?! It reminds me of one of the mechanic spider's legs from "The Wild Wild West" (c) '99. They remind me of something Inspector Gadget's wife would wear to get her spouse's rocks of with some weird boobey trapped lingerie... Maybe I'ma nympho but oh well. These shoes put me in a world of a futuristic mechanical strip club, && if I had $2500, I would DEF cop.


This past week... I'm not even sure where to start. I've questioned just ab everything ab myself, lost one of the biggest opportunities I've had in awhile, && still I managed to find peace. Somewhere amongst the bullshit I found it. The silver lining in the cloud of doubt... Last weekend was THE best weekend I've had in along time... No drama, no bullshit, no boredom. I needed that... I still need time to think, && get ready for the summer and the fall, but that was a start. Ever need solace? Look to the one's you hold dear :)
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