Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm a recovering nose-picking booger flicker.


I just saw myself in 10yrs... Big, curly hair... White button-up, charcoal pencil skirt... Walking on hardwood floors, putting money on the hall table for pizza... Sigh.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend foolishness

Hey, i was just wondering how i could get zig zag's ( or any rolling papers ) ? ( i'm 14 )? i live in california and i'm getting some kush soon, but i don't have any rolling papers?? any suggestions?

Asked by Harrison Dunnett - 3 hours ago -

Resolved Question:

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Best Answer I'm 14 too and I just ask my black friend to get me some when he goes to the ghetto on the weekends or you could go to like a convince store at a gas station but just by a pipe it's beter!!!! Source(s): Smokin on that good

Answer by Ryan - 3 hours ago -Asker's Rating: yeeee! ryan thats wusup hahah theese faggots are hella funny " waste of your life " lmfao i'm not talking about tobacco you idiots!

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