Saturday, July 31, 2010

I fucking love Adventureland && this song. Kudos to Velvet Underground

Friday, July 30, 2010

Montana Fishburne... The SexPot.

Rumor has it that Lawrence Fishburne's daughter, Montana, wants to break into acting... by doing what? Making a sextape. What better way for talentless spawn to create a career out of nothing? She even referenced Kim Kardashian as her inspiration to pull such a stunt and has a lot of "at home experience" . Sigh. The youth of America... I mean, everyone gets a little sexually frustrated, but damn, PORN? And she's getting boned by one of the BIGGEST (literally) in the industry? I just don't get it... If she wants to be a socialite she should just go kiss someone's ass... It's not that hard. I just don't think that cum shots and shoving a gigantic penis down your throat is the way to go if you're trying to become an actress... But hey, I'm no scout. I wonder what her parent's think... Even though they kinda set her up for it by naming her "Montana Fishburne" she's been a twat shot waiting to happen since she was born... I wonder if they're gonna be all diplomatic and "she's a mature young lady and she can do what she wants and we'll support her" or be a typical black family and beat the ape shit out of her... *shrugs* Personally, I feel bad for whoever is gonna be doing her... would YOU wanna look down at Morpheus? o_0

Riding the Wave of Passion

This photo... Thought-provoking as it is gorgeous...

“Spontaneity is only a term for man's ignorance of the gods”
-Samuel Butler

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here Comes Connie.

Why my father shows a blatant disregard to basic reading skills and calls him "Connie" , I will never know, but for the sake of a good laugh...
Much to every music enthusiast and asshole's delight, Kanye West has joined Twitter. And without shame or fear of judgement, I will be among the masses that follow him.

Random rudeness of the day... Really? It's one thing to have a sense of humor, but I think this is just a tad bit disrespectful. And the white girl wearing it, is she supposed to be racially ambiguous (lol) so to take some of the sting off the slogan? Nice marketing... Smh.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Vibes..

...And today's song is "For Your Love" -Slik'd, After the worst day ever yesterday, I've had a series of WONDERFUL events happen today. This song keeps playing in my head, so I must have someone on the brain... Hmmmmmm. It makes me think of middle school, when you had that first crush, passing notes and shit... The good ol' days, long gone.

Check out Slik'd at:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"...&& when the sun rises"

Everytime I hear this song I just... Idk. It's one of those songs that sends that all-knowing chill down your spine, followed by a stream of suppressed thoughts, which leads to... nevermind. "Don't hide the truth from yourself, it's you that I love and protect."

The Waiting Game

I'm going through my iTunes, and I get to "I'll Just Wait" by Paloma Faith... this song resonates my thoughts to the fucking tee. I'm SO TIRED of waiting. I'm an impatient person by nature. My daddy is a quick-tempered hot head, and my mom is nonchalant and aggressive with a bad temper... Not to mention, I'm a cancer, which means I'm passionate ab everything I do. And you know what, I'm tired of being passionate and caring to people who couldn't give less of a fuck. I'm tired of pointing out the obvious to the self-inflicted blind. I can't do it anymore. My time is precious, and I will not continue to waste it.

Blown As Possible.

You know, you never realize someone's true thoughts or real intentions until they say something slick... Not sarcastic, but something they just slip in the convo to fill it, but hope that you don't catch on to... I was on the receiving end of one of those convo's today... Quote: "I've been looking for a singer that looks as good as you..." Any simpleton would've seen this as a compliment, but of course, not I. I was kinda offended, so I asked, "why do looks matter?" To which he replied "Say I do a song with you, and I want you to perform with me somewhere, people react to good looking artists better" I was disgusted. I mean, hear is this dude that's an amateur talking to me like he's a record exec! WTF?! Who do you think you are to have that kind of mindset? Right now you should be grateful for ANYONE that wants to drop a note for you. I hate listening to popular music for that very reason... The music industry focuses too much on a "look" rather than talent. If they did their jobs, there would be no Ciara (unless she was a dancer) , no Ashanti, etc... Why? Bc they're ASS. It's been proven. They just look good. I mean, if the product sucks, you ATLEAST have to make it look good. Which leads me to believe that you're not confident in your music if you have to rely on someone's looks to market it... But that's just my opinion... So, he probably ruined the chance of ever getting a note from me.. I have no tolerance for ignorance... Ungrateful ass.

...on Repeat.

Everybody has what I guess is their "summer" playlist, and for the current moment, mine has been Jay West's "Drugs && Candy." I downloaded this tape like 2mos ago, and gave it a listen, but I guess I forgot ab it... until now. Good shit... Catchy, racy, meaningful lyrics, interesting samples, collabs with one of my loves (Hollyweerd's the Dreamer) and new talent (Marian Mereba)... what's not to like? Unless you're looking for that hard-core ignorance... You won't find that. Lo siento. But to try something new, Download here:

El Verano

As much as I would like to say that this has been the best summer of my life... It hasn't been. In all honesty, it's probably been one of the worst. Reality hit me hard, right in the fucking kisser, and I'm still icing my bruise... Anyways, all violins aside, I've learned my lessons and moving on... and blogging. lol
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