Wednesday, July 4, 2012

...and the good book clearly states in George Michael 14:5 :

"There are more things to giveth a fuck about than Frank Ocean's sexuality.  He's still outchea writing good music for real niggas."

On a windy day my mind began to roam...

 Deep inside the depths of my soul lives a basic bitch that lives for opportunities to stick her hip out.

So, while enjoying my 8-5 life in a cubicle, I've stumbled upon some new shit... Mira.

  • HW&W records 
  • Aaron Evo
  • Lianne la Havas
  • Pheo
  • Kings.

Links in the downloadables.

Superhumanoids/Balam Acab/Active Child Concert

 Superhumanoids, they did this song  --->   ...or atleast I think they did
 Even though he didn't play my song, Balam Acab ladies and gentleman.

 How the following pictures came out the way they did is inexplicable, but uhhhh... yeh.

Y yo.. the red-eyed bandit.

...and then there are some nights so random it's unbelievable.  How we managed to get denied entrance into a club, meet random people, and walk 2miles to a museum exhibit in the middle of the night is beyond me.

Dom K Concert

 Rich Hill... I'm 99% sure Malibu's Most Wanted was loosely based on his life.


 So close to him my pics sucked -_-
On the other hand, my DIY dress came out great!

...and I'm back like BLICK-A-BLICK-A- BLAOW!

Good day folks, we's gotta alotta catching up to do.
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