Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I need a muse... Or maybe, I just need an artist. Their art makes me wanna listen to Radiohead. Nudity, sexuality, and purity... artfully represented.

Photographs by Andre Brito and Ryan McGinley

Monday, December 27, 2010

Teena Marie

It saddens me to know that we have lost another music icon, but it saddens me even more to hear journalists, websites, tabloids, etc. call her the "Ivory Queen of Soul." Maybe I'm overanalyzing it, but is melanin a prerequisite for soul? Why are we so surprised that people of other "races" (used loosely) can sing, perform, or dance with soul? Are white people devoid of passion and vitality just because of their skin color...? It's true that the artform originated and was popular with people of color, but does that make other "races" incapable of enjoying or even participating in it? Ahhhh well... I digress. Teena Marie was a force musically no matter what her skin color was.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wish I could be nearly as mentally aroused as the young man that sings this song... It goes to show that 90s grunge can be just as sexy as ummmm... *insert random sexy object here*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jansport J ft. Lyric'lee

A thought occurred to me while I was in the shower... If God created Eve from Adam's rib, why is it that women are responsible for the birth of mankind and not men? Is this a form of gender favoritism or punishment? If we were created equally in the eyes of God, and made to be dependent upon each other, why is there such a great schism between the sexes? Oh if harlots were saints...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

If nothing else, Mayer Hawthorne got me in the Christmas spirit. #kudos.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Camper Velorium II: Backend of Forever

I really hate when I download so much new stuff that I forget ab all the great music I had before... Sigh. Where was this song 2mos ago?
I know it's probably socially unacceptable and illegal to marry both of these lovely specimens, but if I could just.... get between them, I'd be happy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

...and he sings?

I think it's wonderful that the music of Fats Domino has more influence than post-socialist views of America...

...but that's just me. I'm sure there's someone on Capitol Hill that thinks this is just a ploy to get celebrities to join forces with Putin, redeem socialism, and build an army of brainless fans that will help him take over the world.

The Takeoff...

Last semester's attempt to study abroad was a emeffing fluke, but this year, I'm taking flight... literally. And as I get ready to embark on a journey that could quite possibly change my life, I realize that I'm surprisingly stoic ab everything... When I got accepted into the program I was excited, but then I realized, I had to start unravelling my rubber band ball of plans for the next six months. Instead of relishing the idea that I might be FINALLY be living my dream, I decided to accept possible failure, and to strategize for next semester. So often, as a matter of fact, too often, I second guess myself. Instead of living in the moment, I'm living in tomorrow... After the climax. While I haven't given the reality of what I'm ab to do much thought, I've def thought ab the moment I touch down in the US... after my trip is over. For some reason I can never get to that sense of accomplishment, I always dismiss it by finding something else to think ab, plan, and control. I have no earthly idea what lies ahead for me in the Dominican Republic, but I can be almost certain of what will be here when I return. I think that's what scares me the most... I hate not knowing. The gray area between knowledge and ignorance is more frightening than the dark... Spoken like a true control freak. Hopefully I find the peace within myself that will allow me to surrender to my surroundings and absorb all there is to learn. I need this experience to show me that there is more to life than I have been accepting... I need to see that there is so much more for me to experience than what lies in front of me. The philosopher in me yearns to find reason and purpose, hopefully I find both.


Well damn... I was def ab to post ab my new mantra, until I saw this:

Misogyny in music... Great discussion topic I think. Gina McCauley is responsible for this through her "What About Our Daughters" organization. My thoughts...? Firstly, I wonder if this is directed towards hip-hop or ALL music. I think it's such a shame that we tend to criminalize our people worse than those that are on the outside. And yes, I mean racially. It's sad to see successful black people *cough cough* [Oprah] look down on rappers because of their craft, or the way they choose to form or express their talent... How do we expect the younger generations to grow and progress when we constantly hold bibles over their heads instead of helping them... Marinate on it. Anyway, I think ALL misognystic attitudes stem from a previous event causing them to distrust women. They don't just appear from thin air. NO I don't think that rap music is solely to blame, because black men CLEARLY thought this way before the hip hop movement took hold. In the same token, I think hip hop does fuel the fire in a way... BUT if you're going to argue the point for women, you're going to have to do the same for men. Just as misogynists hold negative views of women, women do the same to men. We yell about "niggas ain't shit" all day long, and then we wonder why they hold the same attitude towards us? One could make the argument of "butt naked hoes marring society's view of black women," but if we penalize our own men for lying, cheating, and being roguish, how can we expect society not to treat them as such? I think the problem lies with us dehumanizing each other so that it's easier to degrade each other. By depicting black women as booty shaking sluts, it makes it easier to view them as material objects and not as mothers, daughters, etc... Likewise, if we show black men as dogs, they stop appearing as fathers and sons in our minds, they become animals unworthy of human consideration. I could go on and on and with the "stop funding foolishness" slogan because it applies to SO MUCH MORE than music, misogynistic lyrics, and black society, but for the sake of your eyes, I'll stop here.

It's Been Awhile...

My my my... I feel like I'm reconnecting with an old lover. The lust is still there, but there's been such a large time gap in our relationship, I'm scared it's gonna hurt if I press forward... Ahhhhhhhh well, here goes. Good riddance :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...I just shed a tear. #literally.

Friday, August 6, 2010


"I observe, I don't chase..."

...I'm glad I listened to that song and remembered.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Soooo... during my insomnia driven blog hopping, I found this clothing line... ChiChia. I absolutely adore it.

“What makes humility so desirable is the marvelous thing it does to us; it creates in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with God”

-Monica Baldwin quotes

It's 4:13am.

I'm singing random 80s music

...and all the feelings come rushing back.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

I fucking love Adventureland && this song. Kudos to Velvet Underground

Friday, July 30, 2010

Montana Fishburne... The SexPot.

Rumor has it that Lawrence Fishburne's daughter, Montana, wants to break into acting... by doing what? Making a sextape. What better way for talentless spawn to create a career out of nothing? She even referenced Kim Kardashian as her inspiration to pull such a stunt and has a lot of "at home experience" . Sigh. The youth of America... I mean, everyone gets a little sexually frustrated, but damn, PORN? And she's getting boned by one of the BIGGEST (literally) in the industry? I just don't get it... If she wants to be a socialite she should just go kiss someone's ass... It's not that hard. I just don't think that cum shots and shoving a gigantic penis down your throat is the way to go if you're trying to become an actress... But hey, I'm no scout. I wonder what her parent's think... Even though they kinda set her up for it by naming her "Montana Fishburne" she's been a twat shot waiting to happen since she was born... I wonder if they're gonna be all diplomatic and "she's a mature young lady and she can do what she wants and we'll support her" or be a typical black family and beat the ape shit out of her... *shrugs* Personally, I feel bad for whoever is gonna be doing her... would YOU wanna look down at Morpheus? o_0

Riding the Wave of Passion

This photo... Thought-provoking as it is gorgeous...

“Spontaneity is only a term for man's ignorance of the gods”
-Samuel Butler

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here Comes Connie.

Why my father shows a blatant disregard to basic reading skills and calls him "Connie" , I will never know, but for the sake of a good laugh...
Much to every music enthusiast and asshole's delight, Kanye West has joined Twitter. And without shame or fear of judgement, I will be among the masses that follow him.

Random rudeness of the day... Really? It's one thing to have a sense of humor, but I think this is just a tad bit disrespectful. And the white girl wearing it, is she supposed to be racially ambiguous (lol) so to take some of the sting off the slogan? Nice marketing... Smh.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Vibes..

...And today's song is "For Your Love" -Slik'd, After the worst day ever yesterday, I've had a series of WONDERFUL events happen today. This song keeps playing in my head, so I must have someone on the brain... Hmmmmmm. It makes me think of middle school, when you had that first crush, passing notes and shit... The good ol' days, long gone.

Check out Slik'd at:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"...&& when the sun rises"

Everytime I hear this song I just... Idk. It's one of those songs that sends that all-knowing chill down your spine, followed by a stream of suppressed thoughts, which leads to... nevermind. "Don't hide the truth from yourself, it's you that I love and protect."

The Waiting Game

I'm going through my iTunes, and I get to "I'll Just Wait" by Paloma Faith... this song resonates my thoughts to the fucking tee. I'm SO TIRED of waiting. I'm an impatient person by nature. My daddy is a quick-tempered hot head, and my mom is nonchalant and aggressive with a bad temper... Not to mention, I'm a cancer, which means I'm passionate ab everything I do. And you know what, I'm tired of being passionate and caring to people who couldn't give less of a fuck. I'm tired of pointing out the obvious to the self-inflicted blind. I can't do it anymore. My time is precious, and I will not continue to waste it.

Blown As Possible.

You know, you never realize someone's true thoughts or real intentions until they say something slick... Not sarcastic, but something they just slip in the convo to fill it, but hope that you don't catch on to... I was on the receiving end of one of those convo's today... Quote: "I've been looking for a singer that looks as good as you..." Any simpleton would've seen this as a compliment, but of course, not I. I was kinda offended, so I asked, "why do looks matter?" To which he replied "Say I do a song with you, and I want you to perform with me somewhere, people react to good looking artists better" I was disgusted. I mean, hear is this dude that's an amateur talking to me like he's a record exec! WTF?! Who do you think you are to have that kind of mindset? Right now you should be grateful for ANYONE that wants to drop a note for you. I hate listening to popular music for that very reason... The music industry focuses too much on a "look" rather than talent. If they did their jobs, there would be no Ciara (unless she was a dancer) , no Ashanti, etc... Why? Bc they're ASS. It's been proven. They just look good. I mean, if the product sucks, you ATLEAST have to make it look good. Which leads me to believe that you're not confident in your music if you have to rely on someone's looks to market it... But that's just my opinion... So, he probably ruined the chance of ever getting a note from me.. I have no tolerance for ignorance... Ungrateful ass.

...on Repeat.

Everybody has what I guess is their "summer" playlist, and for the current moment, mine has been Jay West's "Drugs && Candy." I downloaded this tape like 2mos ago, and gave it a listen, but I guess I forgot ab it... until now. Good shit... Catchy, racy, meaningful lyrics, interesting samples, collabs with one of my loves (Hollyweerd's the Dreamer) and new talent (Marian Mereba)... what's not to like? Unless you're looking for that hard-core ignorance... You won't find that. Lo siento. But to try something new, Download here:

El Verano

As much as I would like to say that this has been the best summer of my life... It hasn't been. In all honesty, it's probably been one of the worst. Reality hit me hard, right in the fucking kisser, and I'm still icing my bruise... Anyways, all violins aside, I've learned my lessons and moving on... and blogging. lol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ms. James

I'm no stranger to Ms. James && her uhhhhhh interesting voice. lol Not saying she can't sing, it's just so, unconventional. Definitely not what I was expecting from her. Anyway, it isn't her voice that intrigues me the most, it's that monstrous hair of hers! Even before I "went natural" per se, I always wondered, "Is all that really hers?" I mean, it's so... BIG... && BOISTEROUS... && BIG! lol Now I admit, I'm weave/wig retarded. Some bitches have been fooling me for years! But I'm really curious ab this one, does she just have a helluva lot of hair or a helluva lot of weave? I never understood the hair on top of hair thing... Ain't that shit hot? I would think so... Oh well, I guess it ain't for everybody... to each, their own.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Narcs for Breakfast.

It's 2am... && while I was on yet another one of my random music binges, I found a mixtape entitled "Cocaine and Waffles" . I downloaded it bc of the name, yes, but something ab it struck me. As one of those comedians said [Will Ferrell or his cohort], the two aren't a very good combo lol It made me think, me && all of my uhhhhhh... idek what the fuck to call em, desirables, are just like this. We're always at on two different levels, working at two different speeds, && striving for two different goals. I mean no matter how nice it may seem to be high on coke && eat waffles, no good can come of it. The same goes for guys, in my case anyway. No matter how good it feels to late night text, have a decent convo, be in the presence of, or even fuck some of em, the shit just wasn't mean to work. The lesson from this: don't expect to have stimulants && breakfast food without vomiting or shitting after the fact... *shrugs*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Return of Abstract Greatness.

finally... Finally... FINALLY. Ever since the days of the Dungeon Family, I have loved the transcendentalist style && voice of Cee-Lo. Minus the tacky ass costumes && his daughter, the man is a genius. This mixtape... I don't even know how to describe it honestly... It's a mix of just ab everything. Echoey 70s ballads, modern demented songs with a French vocalist, use of the word "pussy" , wordplay, what more could you want? My faves are "Is It?" && "You Don't Shock Me Anymore" . If you're looking for a trip outside the norm that isn't narcotically induced, look no further.


Au Naturale.

It's been a long time coming, but one year and a half later, I'm proud to say that I am completely natural :) It was no spiritual journey nothing like that, I just didn't feel like doing my hair. I hate combing it, I hate going to the salon, I have no idea what to do with it, sooooooo why not go natural? I'm currently going through the "hair that's too short for a ponytail, but looks decent in a 'fro" phase... I'm not sure where I'm going next... Hopefully it grows && I can try some new styles, but until then, I'm gonna be rocking it w/ curl activator lol. A couple people have told me ab Ms. Jessie's products, but that shit is expensive! The downside to this whole thing is I'm hair retarded... Idk what kind of curl pattern I have, don't know how to or if I should pick it, dk what kind of shit to put in it... Even when I straighten it I have problems... The right side is thicker than the left, detangling it is a bitch, I constantly have to trim it, && after I do all that, I STILL haven't figured out how to wrap it... Smh. It's a journey, but I don't see myself going back to the creamy crack. At the end of the day, I'm getting used to it, bc good things come to those who wait, && I'm waiting on my it to grow, stronger, longer, && better than before. Lemme stop, I sound like a bad Erectile Dysfunction commercial... lol.

Hi| At | Us

Ohhhhhh the woes of being at home. Ugh. I've lost money, my ipod, && my grip on life. Hopefully this beach trip will help me get it back. A break to nice, quiet, OBX is def what I needed. Minus the minor setbacks. For now, I'm working on getting even more chocolatey && re-prioritizing my money and my life. Seven days until I'm back in the abyss, but until then, I'll enjoy the soft blaze of the sun && tranquility of the beach. Hellooooo Summer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The New New

Soooo on another one of my random music binges, I discovered JC Durrah. I'll admit, idk squat ab him, other than he's an effing master at mixing acapella, with modern sounds, && runs... It's a cool, calm, and collected mixtape... Good shit.
The download:

I follow Donwill from Tanya Morgan on Twitter, && yesterday he tweeted about a group called Electric Wire Hustle. Being nosy, I looked em up. Not at all what I expected lol. They have a kinda punk, soulful sound... The greater majority of the songs are mellow, but when you get towards the end, it starts to get a little heavy && loud, but idk, someone might be into that shit. All in all, it's good stuff, so go check it out :)
The Download:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If You Truly Wish to Be...

Yehhhh throwback. lol. Not only is this one of my all time favorite classic movies, it's very though provoking, now that I'm beginning to actually get the point of the movie... I was listening to "Pure Imagination" && I was thinking, what would I give to be a kid again? To take full advantage of some of the opportunities I passed up, to clean up my fuck ups and do it all over again... To not be a pussy && take the easy way out... What if I actually danced... not only with passion, but with drive and determination to actually make a life out of it? I've always dreamed of having a career in entertainment, but if I actually put my all into it to really make it happen... where would I be today? If I'm gonna go back that far, what if I had actually stayed at genius status... what college would I have ended up at? Would I have been a bilingual opinionated nerd not getting any? Could I have been one of those child prodigies you see on Oprah telling the general public about get rich schemes at 20yrs old? I mean really what would I be if I had followed my childhood dreams... ? It's not good to dwell in the past, but it's certainly not a crime to revisit it to view your progress && to keep from making the same mistakes twice... I need to tighten up my belt, the cracks in my life are starting to show... Until I find the solution, I'll keep matching dreams with action && see where that takes me...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Now, I haven't rocked with Alicia from a musical aspect for about two years. I still hold to what I've said previously that she can NOT sing, but she is a wonderful musician, && I must say, although this one was written by Drake, it's one of my favorites of all time. I miss the mature Alicia that wasn't tryna "pop-up" her sound to seem more marketable to a younger audience... I liked the old Alicia, cornrows, a piano, && a pen was all she USED to need. That was was when she was at her peak in my opinion. This new batch of "twenty-bopper" love tunes blows my balls. After "Diary of Alicia Keys," I was done. "Teenage Love Affair" broke my heart. Wtf?! It was like watching Mariah Carey's career for a second time, slow and fatal digression. Anyway THIS song, is mine... I mean, I heard it, && couldn't stop playing it, couldn't stop singing it, couldn't stop thinking ab how relevant it was to my life.... Ahem, but the video is def not what I expected. The concept, clever, but a tad overdone. Not as much drama as I would've liked, but a helluva lot of fake emotion, on Alicia's part. Her "acting" is pretty good, but she's a terrible lyrical mime lol. Anyway, watch, listen, && ponder... My overall grade, A-.

Ahhhh the Beat of My ♥

damn.Damn.DAMN... Yet another #loss for the summer. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Atlanta, && I love Atlanta music... ESPECIALLY underground, so when I read ab Atlanta's Indie Fest 2010 hosted by Corey Davis, I was hella excited! Last year it featured two of my favs, Mach 5 and Hollyweerd... && not t o mention Mickey Factz && Big Sean... However I can NOT find info on the festival for this year! What the eff?! Once again excited for a big let down... This could be my chance to be a tiny bit of a groupie && to FINALLY see Miya Bailey, Hollyweerd, && Corey Davis at City of Ink && hell it IS Atlanta so there's a good chance I might see Brittany Bosco too... Ahhhh yeh the Jack rabbit. Too bad I'm going to summer school && the beach so unless it's at a convenient date, I STILL won't be able to go... *pouts*

Anywho's... the music. Hollyweerd; I've been riding their balls pretty hard for ab a good year && a half now, Edible Phat, Electric Showroom, to Candy for Kleptos, && the remixes... Follow them on twitter && all... Yeh I'ma groupie lol But anywho, they sound like a modern Outkast without the early grit, so I'll sayyyyyyy (c) 2000. From trippy background tunes to clever linguistic twists, they are, in MY opinion, the CLOSEST answer we have to this tragic music world we have w/o Outkast... Link ---->http://hollyweerdisnhere.com/

Mach 5: I'm prety new to them actually. The first one I copped was "The Playground" mixtape, && I HAVE to say, from that moment, it was love... lol Their music is tight && emeffin H I L A R I O U S. "Nasty" off the above, is MOST DEFINITELY one of the nastiest songs I've ever heard in my life, but, that is my shit. Their a more whimsical spin on the new "hipster rap" as the call it, but whatever genre you wanna throw it under, I likes. Link----->http://machfive.bandcamp.com/album/stepchild-ep

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


...On a day-to-day basis, I am constantly subjected to a myriad of bullshit that forcibly penetrates my ears, but every one in a blue moon, there comes a musician/band/singer/PRODUCER that makes me excited to be alive && shows me why I love music so much... This person right now is Freddie Joachim. This brings me to my next point. Literally. ☝. I hate mother fucking snippets! It started with the Last resort Eps with Mellow Orange && 'nem [country] && at first I was like okay, hot, hotter, fucking fire! And as I came to my climax, it ended! WTF?! A snippet is like a minute man with a big ass dick! Excuse me for my vulgar vernacular, but imagine my frustration! Seriously! I'm vibing and shit, && out of the blue, it fades into nothingness... SIGH. I know the reason for them, give you a sample of what you intend to BUY but in all honesty, I am a B.R.O.K.E college student! I love music, but uhhhh unless it is a device in which to hold it, tunes are simply not in my budget lol THAT being said, I did my research on this fella && it turns out that him && his gang have plenty of FREE downloadables to keep me happy for a good minute, or until I get my cake up lmao. So uhhh tune in. The man is fucking sick. I mean "It Just Ain't Working Out" -Mayer Hawthorne remix? #getthefuckouttahere

And another thing! I hate when artists put their entire mixtape on one trck instead of splitting them up! Ugh! What if I don't like all the songs, or I like one more than the others? You just gonna make me listen to the whole thing huh?! lol Next week, remind me why my opinion matters, but for now, I'm just putting it out there!

Go here:

la Primavera

I FINALLY GOT ALL FOUR SEASONS! I'm fuckin' excited, if you aren't, a big eff bomb to you! lol If you don't know who he is, you're missing out on greatness... Hip-hop producer from the DMV [WOMP] lol... He's worked with a few of my fav indie peeps like Nikkie Jean && Muhsinah [♥] just to name a few. The beats are rockin' the flows are... ok I guess, depends on what you like. Personally I'm into the background, the vibe, the steeze, the *insert random ass noun that means "cool"*. He rocks my socks to say the least... I'm looking forward his next fixation, this year seasons, next year... who knows?

Wanna download em all?

The Great Horne

Well... you learn something new everyday, && Sunday I found out that I shared Ms. Horne's bday, unfortunately on the day of her death. It's sad to say that such a truly beautiful and elegant woman has left the world... I read a little deeper into her bio instead of the norman [bday, dady, early life] bull && into some of the thing she did politically. Her last name wasn't Horne for no reason! The lady fought her way to greatness not on the heels of her skin, but on the character of her soul. Such defiance was unheard of in her day, && and still rare even in the present. She truly goes to show that the light and dark contrast in ANY RACE/ETHNICITY is only as wide as we make it. There is no need to place separation amongst each other when we all strive for the same goal... *steps down* One thing I found ironuc is that Ms. Horne has been quoted as saying that she "wasn't born a singer" && the person that was set to play her in a movie, Ms. Alicia Keys, CLEARLY wasn't either! Yeh, that was a dig, but so what?! lol That was not to defame her *cough cough* character, but the reality of the situation. The lady is a musician, not a singer. Anywhos... It's a shame to say that I didn't know much about Ms. Horne until her death, but I will say that from what I have learned, we have truly lost someone that embodied the true definition of a lady.

Oh, and I chose that picture because I feel like it truly shows her in the throws of passion, for her music.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My New Hobby

I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for new music, but from what I've found, there's a lot of shit on my iTunes that is collecting dust because I haven't given it a proper listen... Ergo, new column, from the Archives. This one mixtape however is only a month and a day old, sooooo not that bad, but I'm def a little upset that I didn't give it the time of day, bc it DEF deserves it. Here's his bio via Lastfm

"Jansport J, with his name originating as a comedic poke to his habit of taking his backpack EVERYWHERE, is an up-and-coming producer based out of Covina, California. He is on a quest to bring positive, honest music to the masses.
+ “Growing up as a kid, I grew up listening to a range of Hip Hop music with my older sister. Whether it be [artist]NWA[/artist], [artist]EPMD[/artist], [artist]A Tribe Called Quest[/artist], or [artist]Luke[/artist]. The music was straight-forward and was a realistic representation of their life and views. I feel like that’s what we’ve lost, and I aim to bring back the soul of the music.”

Every song on this tape has a meaning to it. As strange as it sounds, no matter how harsh it may come off, how mellow it appears to be, in my opinion, every one of his beats represents an emotion. A different level of life... Total and utter hotness. Somebody once told me *cough cough* [Juliano] that I should dabble into producing, and I feel like this just MIGHT have solidified my interest....

Download here


...It's been another long, and overdrawn pause between me && the cyber world that yearns for my much ado opinions, but I'm glad to say that ya girl is back, once again. Finals are over, bullshit has been cleared, shoulders have been dusted off, dorm cleared out, && a smile is back on my face. Thanx to new realizations && old preparations, my life is on track [I think], && I am free to talk ab the world... So, enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ride the Train? I will not.

I'ma rider but uhhhh... I'm not too fond of bandwagons for the most part. So, while the rest of urban America is downloading the new Wiz Khalifa mixtape [Kush && Orange Juice]... I'm trying to get that new MGMT. I love them. They make me happy :) I'm kinda tired of hearing about the same sex/drugs/music/music industry/bitches/women/hoes... I think I'ma lay off for awhile. I need positivity && maybe even a little bit of goofiness. Facilitated nonsense does more for me than overdone platforms of struggle && bullshit. I'm not raggin' on Mr. Wiz.. He's cool, && I'll probably download it AFTER THE HYPE, but for now, I think I'm gonna go for something a little lighter, a little smoother... I don't need hard liquor right now, I'm not looking for a cover up. I need a nice mojito so I can just cruise on...
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