Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ms. James

I'm no stranger to Ms. James && her uhhhhhh interesting voice. lol Not saying she can't sing, it's just so, unconventional. Definitely not what I was expecting from her. Anyway, it isn't her voice that intrigues me the most, it's that monstrous hair of hers! Even before I "went natural" per se, I always wondered, "Is all that really hers?" I mean, it's so... BIG... && BOISTEROUS... && BIG! lol Now I admit, I'm weave/wig retarded. Some bitches have been fooling me for years! But I'm really curious ab this one, does she just have a helluva lot of hair or a helluva lot of weave? I never understood the hair on top of hair thing... Ain't that shit hot? I would think so... Oh well, I guess it ain't for everybody... to each, their own.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Narcs for Breakfast.

It's 2am... && while I was on yet another one of my random music binges, I found a mixtape entitled "Cocaine and Waffles" . I downloaded it bc of the name, yes, but something ab it struck me. As one of those comedians said [Will Ferrell or his cohort], the two aren't a very good combo lol It made me think, me && all of my uhhhhhh... idek what the fuck to call em, desirables, are just like this. We're always at on two different levels, working at two different speeds, && striving for two different goals. I mean no matter how nice it may seem to be high on coke && eat waffles, no good can come of it. The same goes for guys, in my case anyway. No matter how good it feels to late night text, have a decent convo, be in the presence of, or even fuck some of em, the shit just wasn't mean to work. The lesson from this: don't expect to have stimulants && breakfast food without vomiting or shitting after the fact... *shrugs*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Return of Abstract Greatness.

finally... Finally... FINALLY. Ever since the days of the Dungeon Family, I have loved the transcendentalist style && voice of Cee-Lo. Minus the tacky ass costumes && his daughter, the man is a genius. This mixtape... I don't even know how to describe it honestly... It's a mix of just ab everything. Echoey 70s ballads, modern demented songs with a French vocalist, use of the word "pussy" , wordplay, what more could you want? My faves are "Is It?" && "You Don't Shock Me Anymore" . If you're looking for a trip outside the norm that isn't narcotically induced, look no further.


Au Naturale.

It's been a long time coming, but one year and a half later, I'm proud to say that I am completely natural :) It was no spiritual journey nothing like that, I just didn't feel like doing my hair. I hate combing it, I hate going to the salon, I have no idea what to do with it, sooooooo why not go natural? I'm currently going through the "hair that's too short for a ponytail, but looks decent in a 'fro" phase... I'm not sure where I'm going next... Hopefully it grows && I can try some new styles, but until then, I'm gonna be rocking it w/ curl activator lol. A couple people have told me ab Ms. Jessie's products, but that shit is expensive! The downside to this whole thing is I'm hair retarded... Idk what kind of curl pattern I have, don't know how to or if I should pick it, dk what kind of shit to put in it... Even when I straighten it I have problems... The right side is thicker than the left, detangling it is a bitch, I constantly have to trim it, && after I do all that, I STILL haven't figured out how to wrap it... Smh. It's a journey, but I don't see myself going back to the creamy crack. At the end of the day, I'm getting used to it, bc good things come to those who wait, && I'm waiting on my it to grow, stronger, longer, && better than before. Lemme stop, I sound like a bad Erectile Dysfunction commercial... lol.

Hi| At | Us

Ohhhhhh the woes of being at home. Ugh. I've lost money, my ipod, && my grip on life. Hopefully this beach trip will help me get it back. A break to nice, quiet, OBX is def what I needed. Minus the minor setbacks. For now, I'm working on getting even more chocolatey && re-prioritizing my money and my life. Seven days until I'm back in the abyss, but until then, I'll enjoy the soft blaze of the sun && tranquility of the beach. Hellooooo Summer.
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